Meet the Man Behind the Macaroner

Jonathan Aviv infuses these French cookies with unique flavors and ingredients

Jonathan Aviv infuses macarons with unique flavors and ingredients
Jonathan Aviv infuses macarons with unique flavors and ingredients.

For Jonathan Aviv, what started as a hobby snowballed into a profession. A fixture of the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens green markets, Aviv launched Macaroner in 2019 after roughly two years of trying to perfect the famous sandwich-style cookies. 

“I imagined that if I could nail the French macaron, it would be a really great achievement,” he says. “I started to make them at home, and they came out terribly. But I decided to not relent.”

One element that Aviv has become known for is infusing the macaron shells with their own flavor, as opposed to letting the center filling do all the work. By incorporating powdered versions of various fruits, spices, and extracts, Aviv has been able to create a “more complete palate” tasting experience without sacrificing the chemical integrity of the cookie. Now, “the aromatics are almost always on the shell,” he adds.  

Macarons by Jonathan Aviv
Macarons by Jonathan Aviv.

Aviv’s macarons have earned him attention and accolades. In June 2023, he placed second in the Judges’ Choice category of the West Palm Beach Dessert Wars competition, thereby qualifying him for the national competition this past December, where he placed third. For the latter, he crafted a pentagon-shaped cookie comprising five attached macarons, each with its own flavor inspired by a global location. Paris, for example, was crème brûlée, while Kyoto was lychee and cherry blossom.

Next on the horizon for Aviv is the opening of a Macaroner storefront in Palm Beach Gardens. Here, patrons will be able to peruse his unique flavors—from carrot cake to lemon basil meringue pie—as well as seasonal and vegan varieties. “There’s something magical about seeing a display case full of flavors and picking them out on the spot,” he says. “There’s a sense of spontaneity and whimsy that I love.”

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