Miami Beach Beckons

Catch a dazzling performance and appreciate fine art at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Damien Hirst’s Gone but Not Forgotten, Faena Hotel Miami Beach
Damien Hirst’s Gone but Not Forgotten

If sumptuous luxury is the heart of the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, then art is its soul. Faena’s reverence for all things artistic is evident in its entry lobby—affectionately dubbed The Cathedral—which is decked in gold-leaf columns and lush murals by Argentine artist Juan Gatti. Glass doors tease the sight of the hotel’s most coveted art piece: Damien Hirst’s Gone but Not Forgotten, a nearly 10-foot-tall woolly mammoth skeleton gilded in 24-karat gold and encased in an enormous glass vitrine. The installation represents Faena’s penchant for showstoppers and its larger-than-life aura.

Tryst: A Lovers’ Rendezvous at the Faena Theater, photo by Jeff Evrard
Tryst: A Lovers’ Rendezvous, photo by Jeff Evrard

This sensibility continues in the chandelier-topped Faena Theater, currently home to Tryst: A Lovers’ Rendezvous. The original show marks the return of live performances to the opulent space reminiscent of European opera houses with an edge. This original production fuses cirque nouveau, burlesque, and sultry music for a thrilling and cheeky evening of aerial art, magnificent costumes, group dance, and a little flirtation courtesy of headlining emcee. From the tipples enjoyed by candlelight to the theater’s sexy red glow and the can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it grace of the ensemble, Tryst is a recipe for a spellbinding evening. Take it all in on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights beginning at 9 p.m., through the summer.

Los Fuegos, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, Nik Koenig
Los Fuegos, photo by Nik Koenig

Either before or after the show, wander over for dinner reservations at one of the hotel’s epicurean darlings: Los Fuegos by legendary Argentine grillmaster Francis Mallmann, which pays elegant homage to the traditional asado, or Pao by Paul Qui, which specializes in bold fusions of international cuisines. End the night with a creative cocktail in The Living Room.

Imperial Suite Bedroom, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, Photo by Nik Koenig
Imperial Suite Bedroom, Photo by Nik Koenig

The spirit of indulgence also permeates Faena’s glamorous suites and rooms. Here, the hotel’s signature red and white motif appears in the form of luxe linens and colorful touchpoints, anchored by gold accents, handcrafted teak furnishings, and Carrara marble. In the morning, settle into a beachside lounger beneath a striped umbrella to savor daydreams of the evening. 

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