Movie Magic

Florida’s landscapes have long provided backdrops for movies and television shows. The state was once so popular with production companies that it earned the nickname “Hollywood East” for its part in such films as Tarzan’s Secret Treasure and Jaws 2, among many others. Although this industry has waned in recent years, Florida still boasts a sparkling movie history worth exploring. From June 4 to July 28, the Historical Society of Palm Beach County will present the traveling exhibit “Beaches, Creatures, and Cowboys: Florida Movie Posters” in the Historic Courtroom Gallery at the Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum in West Palm Beach. This collection of posters and lobby cards depicts blockbusters made in Florida, starting in the early 1920s through today. Highlights include Flipper, released in 1963 and set in the Keys, and Revenge of the Creature, a 1955 flick that filmed scenes in Silver Springs, along the St. Johns River, and at Marineland of Florida. For even more waterworks, stop by the museum’s special exhibition space to view “Shipwreck: Discovering Lost Treasures” before it closes June 30. (561-832-4164) 

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