Palm Beach County ‘Mompreneurs’

Four fantastic “mompreneurs” make their mark as creators—of children, yes, but also designer sweets, big-budget events, and more.

Danielle Zelaya

Job: Design professor, Palm Beach State College; owner, Gather & Seek and The Station

Mother of: One girl, Cora

Creative superpower: Art directing an extremely talented team at Gather & Seek and The Station.

Career highlight: Opening The Station and bringing opportunity to like-minded creatives in West Palm Beach.

Motherhood win: Eating while breastfeeding at the same time (without dropping food on Cora).

How I balance work and motherhood: Finding the new rhythm. In this first year of motherhood, it seems I have to get used to shorter periods of “focus time,” and tell myself it’s okay that I’m not accomplishing my entire to-do list in the same way.

Erica Rourke Photography

Jamie Fago

Job: Owner and cake designer, Southern Belle’s Cakery

Mother of: Two girls, Elizabeth and Emilia

Creative superpower: Cake decorating and design

Career highlight: Turning my love for baking into a thriving business.

Motherhood win: Even during all of life’s chaos, my girls are the ones who stop me in my tracks and remind me to take a deep breath and appreciate what truly matters.

How I balance work and motherhood: Telling my girls (and husband) if they ever want to eat cake again, they’ll stay out of the kitchen! We have some sticky fingers in our house—their weakness is my buttercream frosting.

I don’t go a day without: Coffee and being thankful for my family and business.

Photo by Francesca Coviello

Jenny Kiker

Job: Owner and artist, Living Pattern

Mother of: One boy, Mick Xander

Creative superpower: My plants speak to me—they tell me how to paint them.

Career highlight: My art being featured in my favorite modern furniture and home decor brand, West Elm.

Motherhood win: Having a baby who likes to be worn in a wrap while Mommy paints.

I don’t go a day without: Drawing and painting, if His Majesty (my son) allows.

When I get an evening alone, you can find me: Asleep

Photo by Tina Blanco

Katie Arbogast

Job: Owner and creative director, 59 & Bluebell

Mother of: One boy, Grey

Creative superpower: Snapping my fingers and bam—the average room is turned into a magical wedding.

Career highlight: My first wedding at The Breakers

Motherhood win: Bedtime routine and bath time are my favorite, so I love when I can be home to tuck him into bed.

How I balance work and motherhood: The honest answer? I don’t. The true balance doesn’t exist, in my opinion. My good friend Janderyn Makris of Earth and Sugar gave me the best advice: It’s not a balance, it’s about making the most of the time you have together.

I don’t go a day without: A Cuban coffee and kissing those smushy cheeks.

When I get an evening alone, you can find me: With a glass of wine watching Grey’s Anatomy.

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