Palm Beach Rising: Holly Weston

Holly Weston

The Yogini

Holly Weston became interested in yoga as a theater student at New York University, but it was a whirlwind romance years later that ultimately inspired her to pursue the discipline as a career. After she met the love of her life during a weekend visit to Palm Beach, he proposed three months later and she left the city to begin a new life in her home town. Six and a half years later, the blissfully happy mom to Wylder, Fox and Hunter (all 5 and younger) is living her dream as a certified yoga instructor, a lululemon ambassador and the owner of Haute Yoga, a heated vinyasa studio with locations in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.

“Every day, when I wake up, I want to be the best person I can be. That’s it.”

Holly Weston - Yoga Instructor - Owner of Haute Yoga - lululemon ambassador - Palm Beach Rising - trend setter

Childhood memory from Palm Beach: We were neighbors with Lilly Pulitzer, and I used to go over there on Sundays and sing for her and all her friends. One time, I sang “New York, New York” for Frank Sinatra over the phone—and I didn’t know who he was.

You’ve seen her in: A ton of commercials, like Herbal Essences and Burger King.

Her first yoga experience: Before our acting classes at NYU, we had a yoga teacher come in and teach us yoga to relax us and get us ready for the day.

What turned her into a yogini: When Jivamukti yoga was first beginning in New York, I used to take the owner’s classes all the time.

What she loves about the discipline: It’s given me so much confidence, strength and patience, and it’s made me fearless.

How she met her husband, Paolo: I was at Echo with some friends, and he walked by, and I thought he was breathtaking.

Family tradition: Every Sunday, we go to the Italian Restaurant at The Breakers.

Go-to authors: Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Her biggest challenge: Finding balance among my job, my kids, my husband and my friends.

Guilty pleasure: A good red wine and a big bowl of pasta with butter Parmesan and truffles.

Someone she’d like to dine with: My grandmother, Hilda Miller. She passed away, and she was just a ray of sunshine.

Her deserted island essentials: Wylder, Fox and Hunter. (Sorry, Paolo!)

The yoga position that represents her: Handstand. It’s so challenging, and I like that. I love to be able to turn my life upside down or see the world in a different perspective—and to be able to handle it.

Holly Weston - Yoga Instructor - Owner of Haute Yoga - lululemon ambassador - Palm Beach Rising - trend setter

Photography by Robert Nelson.

Shot on location by Palm Beach Illustrated at The Breakers.

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