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As we know them today, biergartens originated in sixteenth-century Bavaria. Following a decree that limited beer production to the region’s cooler months, breweries began to stockpile barrels of their liquid gold in cellars, planting chestnut trees above for shade and eventually adding gravel and tables to create an attractive spot to enjoy a cold one. These outdoor watering holes have popped up in cities all across the U.S., and West Palm Beach finally has its own with the recent arrival of The Butcher Shop Beer Garden and Grill.

Sister to The Butcher Shop in Miami’s Wynwood, the industrial restaurant-retail space on Sixth Street between Olive Avenue and Flagler Drive fills the neighborhood’s need for a casual hangout, as well as an outpost for high-quality meats. Father-and-son owners Fred and Igor Niznik, who also helm Charlie’s Gourmet Meat Market in Palm Beach Gardens, greet guests with a display of drying salami, impeccable cuts, sausages, and juicy burgers. But, don’t let the marbling on those rib eyes distract you from the beer. The Butcher Shop boasts a vast selection of rotating drafts, many from local producers like SaltWater Brewery and Twisted Trunk Brewing Co. Opt for your favorite in a three-liter beer tower, best enjoyed at one of the outdoor communal tables.

Chef Bruce Lieberman’s German and Eastern European fare (like cheese-stuffed pierogis, warm pretzels with cheddar béchamel dipping sauce, and house-made apple strudel) complements the beer garden experience. The sausages, such as the Polish kielbasa and beer bratwurst, round out the theme. Diners can sample a selection of four along with pretzel buns, rye bread, mustard, and sauerkraut by ordering the sausage platter—a true demonstration of the delicious appeal of crafts ales matched with messy, mouthwatering finger food. (561-812-2336,

Potato and Cheese Pierogies and House-Cured Charcuterie Board

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