Stoney Clover Lane is a Sister Act

Kendall and Libby Glazer have come a long way since brainstorming on their bedroom floor and share insights into their partnership and brand


In 2009, Palm Beach natives Kendall and Libby Glazer founded Stoney Clover Lane on their bedroom floor. They were still in high school at the time and viewed the venture as a creative outlet. Now all grown-up, the sisters and their line of customizable accessories have seen dramatic success, with 400 percent growth year-over-year and sales in the high seven figures.

“It grew into the business people know today from a need we felt in our own lives,” Libby explains. “We travel extensively and never felt like there were colorful, fun travel accessories available at the level and quality we expect.”


They started with patches and the rest is history. With Palm Beach as a muse, inspiration comes easy. “We grew up in such a colorful, fun, and relaxed environment, and that’s how we want people to feel shopping and using our products,” Kendall says. Libby adds that it also influenced their retail strategy. “We wanted our first brick-and-mortar store to be in our hometown, which is also a destination. The rest of our stores followed that same direction—destinations we love spending time in.”

StoneyCloverLane Tropical Small PouchesAs co-CEOs and co-creative directors, Libby and Kendall are not merely sisters but business partners. And while many might balk at the prospect of working so closely with a sibling, the duo’s dynamic couldn’t be more symbiotic.

“I think we both feel like we couldn’t have picked a better partner,” says Libby. “When we disagree on something, it’s easy to quickly hash it out as sisters.”

“Our differences complement each other nicely,” Kendall adds. “I’m super involved in our social media and branding, and Libby’s heavily involved in the retail stores and product ideas.”

Beyond picking the right partner, the secret to their success is following their instincts, they say. “We have a really clear vision of what we want the brand to be and where we want it to go,” Kendall explains. “We’ve always trusted our gut when making decisions and it’s always paid off.”

On the docket for the future of Stoney Clover Lane? More strategic licensing and fun collaborations with similar brands—and more stores. “We have our eyes on a few new markets,” Libby says. “You’ll definitely be seeing more Stoney Clover Lane locations in the next year or two.”

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