Voodoo Bayou Brings a Taste of NOLA to Downtown Palm Beach Gardens

Fans of the flavors of New Orleans no longer need to travel to get their fix.

Voodoo Bayou’s buttermilk biscuits.
Photos courtesy of Voodoo Bayou.

Fans of New Orleans’ signature Cajun and Creole dishes no longer need to travel to get their fix. Located at Downtown Palm Beach Gardens, Voodoo Bayou delivers an authentic take on the city’s cuisine, infused with a regional Southern touch and playful riffs.

“We thought a lot about what’s missing in the area and did strenuous research in New Orleans,” says executive chef Peter Bartalini. “The menu represents owner Curtis Peery’s favorite dishes from the area. We kept it mostly traditional but put a twist on a few things.”

Fried oysters

Patrons will recognize plates like the shrimp and crawfish étouffée, oyster po’boy, and jambalaya. Voodoo Bayou’s shrimp and grits, however, receive an indulgent update with the addition of smoked pork belly, crispy leeks, and a bacon bourbon beurre blanc. And, cocktails like the Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch (akin to a vanilla milkshake, but better) ameliorate Bartalini’s pillowy beignets—deep-fried choux pastries doused in powdered sugar.

Voodoo Bayou, a sister restaurant to Calaveras Cantina, offers curbside pickup and delivery.

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