1909 to Showcase Local Minority Entrepreneurs

Learn about a few of the standout minority entrepreneurs who will compete in West Palm Beach-based 1909's hackathon-style event and pitch competition this November

The local minority-owned business scene is about to get an upgrade. Entrepreneurs participating in this year’s majority-minority accelerator cohort at 1909 in West Palm Beach will showcase their past six months of hustle this November at a hackathon-style event and pitch competition, where winning teams will receive funding for their startups. Below, we spotlight a few standouts.

Greg Barbosa, founder of Beginning Beginners

Greg Barbosa, Beginning Beginners: Combining STEM and the arts to help older generations become more tech- and internet-literate.

David Beil and Nandini Jayaprasad, Chik Monk: These fourth-generation sustainable coffee growers are sourcing from their Rainforest Alliance–certified family farms in Chikmagalur, India, to reshape the narrative around Indian coffee.

Dionel Sylvester, HopperFit: A one-stop shop for fitness, nutrition, and recovery resources.

Dionel Sylvester, founder of HopperFit.

Saida Florexil, Imanyco: Creating devices, advocating, and improving communication accessibility for the hearing-loss community.

Jennifer Accius, Kärnl Moon: Forging spaces online and off for people to heal from trauma and grow spiritually.

Rodrigo Griesi, Neptunya: Tapping the ocean as a source of renewable “blue energy.” 

Adrian Cole, VoiceBlasts: Developing a social network to empower podcasters to grow their audience and earn a living.

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