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Brianna Mahler - Palm Beach BeautiesBrianna Mahler | Student and Community Advocate


When describing Brianna Mauhler, one cannot help but think fierce yet compassionate. A true beauty inside and out, Brianna, spent her formative years on the move with her military family, though settled on one of America’s last true frontiers for high school: Kodiak, Alaska. Known for its fierce landscape and even fiercer bears, Brianna worked summers on the remote island without electricity and hot running water in what the locals call “fish camps,” living a life not too different than what’s depicted on the television series Deadliest Catch. And while the wilds of Alaska and the panache of Palm Beach could not be more of a contrast, Brianna has made both home with style and grace.

   Before returning to school to pursue a degree in business from Palm Beach Atlantic University, Brianna acted as the director for philanthropy for a local startup business, overseeing its charitable and community-oriented giving programs, as well as the community liaison at Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies of Palm Beach County. While a dedicated student, Brianna has not let her devotion to community falter. She is working on committees for both the Paradise Fund and the Young Friends of the Norton Museum of Art. Vote for Brianna Mahler below.


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