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Warm Weather Wines

As the temperature rises, wine drinkers will be carrying their glasses out to the pool and asking themselves one question: What’s the best way...

4 Refreshing Twists on the Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule—a vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer cocktail fashioned in the early 1940s at Hollywood’s Cock’n Bull—is enjoying a revival. Here are some of Palm Beach County’s most refreshing interpretations of the classic libation.
Brian Phillip

Raise a Glass

We asked wine professionals from five of Palm Beach County’s top restaurants to share their personal wine recommendations for real-life situations. The results are revealing—and intoxicating.

Craft Spirits Growing in Popularity

Floridian distillers enter the craft spirits market with coveted sips made in boutique settings.

Rare and Exotic Cult Wines on the Rise

California cult wines are experiencing a resurgence thanks to a bevy of new bottles.

Lighten Up: The Rise in Popularity of Lower-Alcohol Wines

The trend towards more subtle wines signals a change in American tastes.

Beyond Marsala: Surf the New Wave of Wines from Sicily

A new wave of fine wine producers is popping up in Sicily, thanks to an influx of outside capital and winemaking talent. Following are some of the best new Sicilian winemakers.

Cocktail Corner: Pomegranate Pisco Sour

As you sit down to watch the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics, sip on the South American cocktail the Pisco Sour.

Blushing Beauty: The Rosé Wine Movement

For the latest in fashionable wine, choose an elegant, upscale pink.

4 Classic Cocktails with a Local Twist

While cocktail culture has exploded, there's nothing quite like a classic. Here are some of our favorite local versions.