Expert Tips for Planning Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

Christina Naugle, clinical director of Lickstein Plastic Surgery Medical Spa, discusses the timeline of planning pre-wedding beauty treatments

Client Kelsey on her wedding day.
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Though wedding season’s peak is six months away, the beauty treatment and skin care timeline begins months to a year in advance of the big day. To achieve clear and radiant complexions ahead of the nuptials, brides, grooms, and members of wedding parties should start scheduling skin consultations, resurfacing treatments, injectables like Botox and filler, and more sooner rather than later.

The new Lickstein Plastic Surgery Medical Spa in Palm Beach Gardens touts these treatments and more, including the Lickstein Lift, Halo Laser, BBL, radio frequency microneedling, and specialized facials. PBI caught up with the spa’s clinical director Christina Naugle, to learn the basics of pre-wedding beauty treatments.


PBI: What does the skin care timeline look like ahead of the wedding?

CN: As with all wedding planning, it really takes a year for optimal results and to factor in treatment with timing and budget.

What sort of treatments are prioritized first? 

This is unique patient-to-patient. We believe that Botox injections, skin surface treatments, and skin care are the best place to start.

What can a bride (or groom) do at home to further benefit their skin care journey?

Drinking lots of water and overall healthy living is completely reflective on the skin. Stress we all know factors into skin and overall health, but this is unavoidable when the date becomes closer. Also, stopping smoking is crucial, if applicable.

What are your must-have pre-wedding products for a glowing, clear complexion?

Every skin type and condition is different and unique to each patient, and should be assessed to devise the best skin care regimen. Also, these products should be started months before to make sure you’re not having a reaction to any of the topical skin creams.

Are there skin care “mistakes” or things that you recommend brides avoid ahead of their big days? 

Three to six months before the wedding: Most problems can resolve but tanning is not recommended, especially in tanning beds. This window is also the best time to find your “team” of professionals with whom you are comfortable with and pleased with their treatments. As a provider, this allows me to document successful treatments and fine-tune the future treatment plans for optimal natural correction (similar to dress fittings and those pre-wedding recommendations).

One week to one month before the wedding: Do not introduce new skin care or skin surface treatments, fillers, or heavy Botox this close to the day.

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