Not-To-Be-Missed Cultural Cuisine in Palm Beach County

Peruvian: Victoria’s Peruvian Restaurant

Superstar chef Gastón Acurio might have put Peru on the culinary map, but local talent Julio Leon is representing his hometown of Trujillo in the same gourmet observance. Leon worked in his family’s restaurants on Long Island before moving to Florida and opening Victoria’s nearly 10 years ago. The chef-owner’s most popular dishes, like ceviche, arroz con mariscos (a Peruvian take on paella), and jalea mixta (fried seafood with tartar and cream sauce), serve as an education in aji panca and aji amarillo, native peppers that exemplify the bright flavors the country is known for. Lantana (561-588-9606)

Dim Sum: Grand Lake Dim Sum

Chinese brunch – dim sum, har gow – prawn dumplings with vinegar and ginger sauce.

Dim sum translates roughly as “to touch the heart,” but the delicious Cantonese-style fare reaches the stomach, too. Grand Lake has the most extensive selection in the area, offering up around two dozen varieties including taro shrimp cakes, steam buns, sesame seed balls, and egg custard, along with more exotic items such as chicken feet. Dim sum is available daily from 4 to 11 p.m.; on weekends, about half are served on traditional rolling carts. If you have room, augment the snacks with specialties like winter melon soup or lamb with ginger and scallions. West Palm Beach (561-681-1388)

Jamaican: Kersmon Caribbean Restaurant

When Kersmon was voted the No. 1 Palm Beach County restaurant on Yelp in 2016, everyone was surprised— except for the regulars who have packed the place for the past 11 years. “We cook from the market,” says chef-owner Althea Drummond, a native of Negril. “I use a combination of garden-fresh herbs and spices to create healthy food. It’s like medicine.” Her dishes represent a roll call of Jamaican classics such as jerk chicken, oxtail, curried goat, and saltfish. Greenacres (561-968-5656,

Guyanese: Bamboo Fire Café

Growing up in Guyana, Beverly Jacobs taught herself to cook by following recipes in her favorite American and British magazines. She added her own spin, influenced by the country’s melting pot of African, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, and native ingredients and dishes, and birthed the unique delicacies adventurous gourmands can now find at Bamboo Fire Café. We recommend the crispy tostones, grilled eggplant dip, fragrant dhal, curried anything but especially the meatballs, guava cheesecake, and Jacobs’ addictive Calypso lemonade with a hint of vanilla. Delray Beach (561-749-0973)



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