Pace Presents Famed Jeff Koons Sculpture

The Palm Beach gallery will house the artist's Balloon Venus Hohlen Fels (Magenta) sculpture from January 14-30

Jeff Koons, Balloon Venus Hohlen Fels (Magenta), 2013-2019 © Jeff Koons
Balloon Venus Hohlen Fels (Magenta), 2013-2019, © Jeff Koons

Pace Gallery in Palm Beach will present Jeff Koons’s sculpture Balloon Venus Hohlen Fels (Magenta), 2013-2019, from January 14-30. This sculpture is one of the largest works from Koons’ renowned “Antiquity” series, and marks the first time the work is being exhibited publicly.

Koons is internationally renowned for sculptures and paintings that unite conceptualism and the readymade. Over the last four decades, Koons has redefined Minimalism and Pop Art with his boundary-pushing practice. Often working at ambitious scales, he has created iconic artworks deeply engaged with popular culture, mass media, art, and human history.

For his first presentation with Pace since joining the gallery in 2021, Koons will show Balloon Venus Hohlen Fels (Magenta), a mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture that references the 40,000-year-old ivory Venus of Hohle Fels statuette, which was uncovered in a cave near Schelklingen, Germany, in 2008. Balloon Venus Hohlen Fels is part of Koons’s “Antiquity” series, a body of work that includes four sculptures inspired by Paleolithic sculptures of Venuses.

In Koons’s Balloon Venus sculptures, the artist utilizes his quintessential balloon formations to represent female bodies and cultivate a dialogue between contemporary aesthetics and early examples of human ingenuity. As with Koons’ body of work, the “Antiquity” series forges connections across geographical and temporal boundaries.

“You have a surface that very much is about the moment, and you view it, and it affirms you, and when you move, the abstraction changes,” said Koons. “But at the same time it draws you back around 35,000 years ago.”

Koons’s solo exhibitions at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence and the Qatar Museums in Doha will run concurrently with his presentation with Pace in Palm Beach. In June 2022, the artist will open a presentation at the DESTE Foundation Project Space in Hydra, Greece. In 2023, Koons will present a solo exhibition of new work at Pace’s New York gallery.

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