The Palm Beach Squash Club

With the rise of squash in the collegiate community, a new generation of players is hitting the court. Professional squash player Damian Walker, a three-time national champion and instructor, is capitalizing on this renewed interest with the Palm Beach Squash Club. Located inside the developing Warehouse District in West Palm Beach, the newly founded club boasts a singles and doubles court in an upscale, industrial setting. Walker plans to cap membership at 75 people.

The Palm Beach Squash Club is one of the newest tenants to open in the Warehouse District.

For those who’ve never played, there are key differences between squash and other racket sports: The court is indoors; squash balls require more force to hit; and the racket is slightly smaller than a tennis racket. The quickness of the game paired with the technical and tactical aspects make it an addictive and effective workout.

Palm Beach Squash Club
“From a health aspect, squash is both a cardiovascular and an aerobic activity because of those fast spurts of energy over and over,” Walker says. An hour of hard hits and lunging for the ball works the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, obliques, arms, and shoulders. “Squash is a game for life,” Walker adds. “Whether you’re 7, 25, or 65—everyone can play.”



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