Ready to Ride

Top Cycle Palm Beach will help you pick the perfect bicycle to get the most of Florida summer days.

With an abundance of available flat terrain paths, picturesque backdrops, and the recent push toward outdoor activities, the allure of bike riding in South Florida has never been greater. Not sure how to embark on your personal biking journey? Patrick Poupart of Top Cycle Palm Beach has been helping newbies select a bike since opening his shop in 1993. According to Poupart, one of the biggest mistakes people make is “buying the wrong bicycle for the type or style of riding they will be doing on a consistent basis.”

“Road bikes are for fit clients who still have flexibility and [can] go faster and farther,” he says. “Electric bikes, which are trendy right now, are for those who are not sure if they can make it home at the turn around due to lack of strength and fitness level. Mountain, road, gravel, beach cruiser, and hybrid bikes are all chosen for the type of riding and area you will be cycling around.”

Poupart also offers frame-up customization for serious cyclists and complete precision assembly. But before any purchase is made, he recommends test rides. “You will see immediately if the bicycle is what you are looking for and if you can handle it for longer rides.”

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