Save Room for These Four Dreamy Desserts

PBI's editors share the treats they always have room for

Dulce de Leche LavaCake | Avocado Grill

Avocado Grill has found a way to improve on the traditional lava cake by swapping out standard chocolate in favor of a dulce de leche flavor profile that is a thing of beauty. Caramelly goodness oozes out of a lush, petite cake topped with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. It’s the perfect dessert for one or two—though we doubt you’ll feel like sharing. Mary Murray, Executive Editor

Grand Marnier Soufflé with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream | Café Boulud 

=Pastry chef Julie Franceschini has taken a classic of haute cuisine and given it a modern, creative twist. The bitter chocolate contrasts with the orange flavor of the Grand Marnier, and the soothing ice cream forms a counterpoint with the warm, fluffy soufflé. Eventually your taste buds sort things out, and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Mark Spivak, Wine & Spirits Editor

Gianduia Cake | Sant Ambroeus

Hazelnut and chocolate are like nuts and bolts: made to go together. The combination reaches its apotheosis in Sant Ambroeus’ Gianduia cake, which combines hazelnut dacquoise and cream, gianduia mousse, a crispy feuilletine, and a milk chocolate glaze that gives new meaning to the word “decadent.” If ever there was a reason to cheat on keto, Gianduia is it. Daphne Nikolopoulos, Editor in Chief 

Coffee and Doughnuts | Tanzy

This simple pairing gets the molecular gastronomy treatment at Tanzy, where pastry chef James Rosselle deconstructs a hot cup of joe into a cool parfait of mocha mousse, coffee caramel, and coffee ice cream pearls, like a grown-up version of Dippin’ Dots. The pâte à choux doughnuts tossed in vanilla-scented sugar make a perfect match—while they last. Crispy on the initial bite, the fluffy dough promptly melts in your mouth. Liz Petoniak

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