Better You with The Morning Shift Co.

Tiffany Lanier of The Morning Shift Co. shares tips and tricks to become more centered in the new year

 After a complicated pregnancy and battle with postpartum depression, business strategist, speaker, and Lake Worth Beacher Tiffany Lanier realized that taking time each morning to process all she was facing was vital to her growth and healing. This led her to establish The Morning Shift Co., with the goal of helping others revolutionize how they begin their days. PBI caught up with Lanier to discuss her advice for starting the day right.

PBI: What does a healthy morning routine look like?

Lanier: One that is nourishing, meaningful, and centered around activities that are supportive of the specific season of your life. This looks different for everyone; there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to morning routines.

Why is the way you start your day so important?

We have a responsibility to humanity and the planet to connect, grow, and become the best versions of ourselves. The way we start our day has a ripple effect on how we show up for ourselves and the world around us all day long.

Can you share some morning practice tips and shifts?

Get clarity around what you need each morning, then operate from that place. Commit to what you need by creating non-negotiables to foster daily self-care. Incorporate community. At my Morning Shift Sessions, we hold space for attendees to meditate, reflect on a centering thought, and express themselves in some way, whether by journaling, painting, stretching, or dancing. Then we come back together and discuss.

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