Healthy Glow

In Palm Beach County, no one knows skin like Tammy Fender, owner of Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care in West Palm Beach. Below, Fender shares some tips for achieving that healthy glow. What are the visual characteristics of healthy skin?

Fender: Healthy skin would have a glow, have a hydration level and just show a radiance.

What about visual characteristics of poor or unhealthy skin?

Dull skin, having signs of dehydration, dark circles under the eyes because, of course, the skin is an eliminating organ. If the skin has different types of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or acne, that would also be a sign that the skin is out of balance in some way.

What’s an ideal morning skin regimen?

Waking up in the day, I always do a few minutes of meditation, which is great to calm the mind, to calm the thoughts, because lines on the face are typically lines of years of expression. If we have anxiety or frustration or whatever some of those negative emotions may be, sometimes we tend to hold that in the face and we create these lines of expression. So taking some good deep breaths is going to be wonderful for creating more oxygenation into the body and into the skin. And then, waking up with a glass of room temperature water with lemon—lemon has alkaline properties—and even herbal teas are great to begin with.

What’s an ideal evening skin regimen?
A cleansing routine is really important at the end fo the day. It’s nice to do an exfoliation in the evening, just to scrub off those surface cells, and then do an infusion of a serum and an oil. Serums and oils penetrate deep into the tissue, so they help promote an extra infusion of nutrient content.

What are the best types of facial oils?

I recommend a lot of oils that have the omegas and the essential fatty acids in them and high nutrient contents. Organic rosehip seed is one of my favorite oils that has a high concentration of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, as well as a really healthy spectrum of essential fatty acids. Another good oil for the skin is avocado oil because avocado is a multivitamin. It’s very rich in all of the essential vitamins, and it helps to re-hydrate and rebalance the skin.

Do you recommend any foods for achieving healthy skin?

Eating foods always in their most natural state, you’re going to get the highest amount of enzymes and nutrient content. So, any time you can grab an organic apple or a tree-ripened orange, fruits, vegetables, nuts are a great way to get actual extra oils into the skin as well. But my simple answer is always eating foods in their most natural states.

What skin sins should be avoided?

I think you just have to be really mindful of bacteria getting into the skin from makeups that aren’t clean or sanitary or simply sleeping with makeup on. Another important thing is that you want to remove your sunscreen in the evening. Just recognizing that the skin is an organ and allowing it to breath and function on its own is super important.

What are the skin benefits to living in Florida?
The humidity has a high moisture content, so when you have moisture on the surface of the skin, it helps to create that plumpness. It doesn’t dehydrate like a dry climate would.

What are the downsides?

The intense sun. With sunscreens, I recommend that you avoid chemical-based sunscreens but rather look more for sun block. Zinc oxide is going to be the number one active ingredient to look for.

What healthy skin advice to you always give spa patrons?

Well, I always like to say that beauty really begins with intention and what’s going on on the inside is always a reflection on the outside. But, just being mindful of your overall well-being; when you feel like you have that well-being in balance, that’s what radiates from you. So, taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and when all of that is in harmony and balance, that is what radiates from you and the skin glows.

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