Horsing Around: Polo Tailgating

If polo is the Sport of Kings, then tailgating is their celebration of choice.


Polo Lifestyle - Tailgating at the International Polo Club Palm Beach

Photo by Vanessa Rogers

Rules of Revelry

In the fabulous world of polo partying, tailgating has distanced itself from football-associated nomenclature to become one of the most coveted and exclusive events at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (561-204-5687). There is a waitlist to secure one of IPC’s 50 Sunday tailgating spots, $5,200 each for the season.

   Once you’ve landed the location, you have to set the scene. Sheila Motley of Wellington-based Sheila Camp Motley Event Design & Management (434-466-6939) specializes in equine happenings and accents. She advises tailgaters to “think plaid fabrics, wicker baskets, and florals in antique horse trophies.”
   When it comes to the food, Motley suggests selecting items that can hold up for a long period of time, because polo tailgating is an all-afternoon event. International Polo Club Catering, powered by Aaron’s Catering of the Palm Beaches  (561-792-9292), creates customized menus for each client. Whether you want a theme-related feast, a grand spread of seafood, or  a symphony of sweets, Aaron’s will accommodate and deliver the cuisine to your car.


Necessary Equipment

Tailgating is more art than science, but there are certain prerequisites to staging a successful gathering.


Beverage Must-Have

Palm Beach Lately acrylic wine glasses - Polo Tailgating Etiquette & Must-Have items

While the sky is the limit for many aspects of your tailgate, glassware is a firm no, so stockpile unbreakable vessels for libations.

Our pick: Palm Beach Lately‘s stemless acrylic wine glasses ($10 each) with Floridian motifs, the perfect way to toast the afternoon.


Gaming Must-Have

Matthias Kaupermann - Signature Classic cornhole set - Polo Tailgating Etiquette and Must-Haves

What would a tailgate be without a touch of tradition and sportsmanship?

Our pick: This Signature Classic cornhole set (from $3,295) by Matthias Kaupermann is handcrafted with mahogany and maple and can be customized with a personal monogram.


Seating Must-Haves

Polo Tailigating Accessories - Safari Chair from Design Within ReachRani Arabella - Dillon Cashmere Throw - Tailgating Accessories for Polo

Invest in a comfortable yet posh chair and blanket for the sedentary moments.

Our picks: The Safari chair ($2,520) from Design Within Reach (561-833-1799) has a knock-down capability perfect for easy transportation, and Rani Arabella’s Dillon cashmere throw ($1,173), available at Pioneer Linens (561-655-8553), will keep you warm throughout the polo season.

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