Palm Beach Beauty: Laura Munder

Occupation: Jewelry Designer

Beauty Factor: Former Ballerina, Women’s Advocate, Creative Force, Color Devotee, World Traveler

Family stone: I channeled much of what I learned from my father, a renowned diamond expert, into selecting the most beautiful colored stones for my jewelry designs, focusing on saturation of color and fine cuts. Most spectacular creation: A black wood cuff bracelet with a 76.66-carat, oval mandarin garnet and more than 19 carats of diamonds Early inspiration: JAR. I love the way he mixes and graduates color like no one else. The perfect partnership: I’ve joined forces with the Siegels from Hamilton Jewelers and am excited to be back on Worth Avenue working with another three-generation family of entrepreneurs. Travel addiction: I just returned from the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. The rich, bold colors of Indian saris, painted elephants, and strolling peacocks awakened my senses. Next adventure: A trip to Southeast Asia with my daughter, Charlotte. She is following in my footsteps with a capsule jewelry collection of affordable, socially conscious pieces (check it out on page TK) with a portion of the profits going to charity. Philanthropic endeavors: I support The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness. As a ballerina, I have known way too many young girls and women struggling with eating disorders and also those who have lost the fight. Past life: Becoming a prima ballerina was my childhood dream. By the time I was 18 years old I had studied with the Boston Ballet Company and the American Ballet Theatre. I loved expressing my creative passion through dance. Palm Beach County haunts: HMF, Buccan, Kitchen, and City Diner Stress reliever: My golden retriever, Mack. I also enjoy sketching and doodling.


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