Palm Beach Beauty: Liz Quirantes

Photography by Robert Nelson

Occupation: Anchor At Cbs12 News
Beauty Factor: Foster Children’s Champion, Truth In Journalism Advocate, Home Chef, Secret Comedian

Philanthropic endeavors: I’m proud of the work I’ve done with Forever Family, a nonprofit charity that finds homes for children in foster care. Every Tuesday during CBS12 at 5, I feature a foster child who is available for adoption. These reports have generated thousands of calls and resulted in many adoptions. Passion for journalism: We are the watchdogs of society and provide important information so people can make decisions regarding their own lives. Our stories help root out corruption, create better laws, and improve the way we live. Role models: My parents. They picked up and left everything they knew behind—once when they left Cuba and again when they left Pennsylvania to start a business in South Florida. Both times they showed incredible courage and determination to succeed. Kitchen curiosity: My mother is a great cook and taught me a lot. I also love to read about cooking techniques and the science behind baking. My co-workers know the best way to get a birthday treat is to ask me to bake something I’ve never made before. If she weren’t a news anchor: I’d love to be professional chef or party planner. Dream dinner guest: Jesus Greatest accomplishment: My children, Casey and Emma. Casey is in dental school, and Emma is at FSU and wants to be a dentist just like her big brother. My heart bursts with love and joy for them. Signature drink: Chardonnay Hidden talent: My sense of humor. Both my husband and co-anchor say I’m the funniest woman they know. Giving philosophy: Give what you have. If it’s money, write checks. If it’s time, sign up. If it’s a skill, share it.

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