Inside Palm Beach Row

This family business offers row fitness classes in North Palm Beach.
Samantha Farmer Photography

Now South Floridians can merrily row, row, row their boat sans water thanks to Palm Beach Row. Father-and-son team Ken and Blake Rothmel opened the North Palm Beach studio earlier this year with the goal of providing high-energy, personalized, expert-led indoor rowing sessions.

“In our row room, we have implemented several sensory enhancements to help you focus on pushing yourself further than you ever thought you could,” explains Blake, whose wife, Danielle, also works at the studio. “When the doors close to isolate you from the outside world, you can expect low-level lighting, pumped-up music, LED-lit rowers, and accent lighting that changes color based on the current intensity of the workout, as well as ceiling-mounted misters that instantly cool the entire space after a hard effort.”

Worried you don’t fit the athletic profile? Blake notes that Palm Beach Row’s 45-minute group classes are suitable for all ages, body types, and fitness levels. “A good portion of our clientele have started their fitness journeys with us because we offer personal guidance through what can be a challenging workout in an ‘all are welcome’ atmosphere,” he says. “Our classes are designed with a ‘set your own pace’ workout style where we encourage you to honor your body and just do what you can, which is more and more every class.”

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