Pasta Plates Our Editors Dream About

Gnocchi, Casa D’Angelo

Liz Petoniak, Senior Editor | Most Italian restaurants serve gnocchi, but none make potato dumplings like executive chef Rickie Piper does at Casa D’Angelo. Matched with a bright pesto sauce and morsels of slowly softening fresh mozzarella, Piper’s gnocchi melt in your mouth with an unbelievable light-as-air texture. Each bite will renew your appreciation for homemade pasta.

Photo by Gyorgy Papp

“Spasta” and Meatballs, Farmer’s Table

Mary Murray, Managing Editor | What do you do when you’re craving pasta but it’s not your cheat day? Simple: Head to Farmer’s Table for a bowl of its signature “spasta” and meatballs. You’ll encounter spaghetti squash noodles topped with your choice of chicken or vegan meatballs and a hearty tomato basil sauce. This is one diet-friendly dish that deserves a big chef’s kiss.

Bolognese, Lynora’s

Daphne Nikolopoulos, Editor in Chief | There’s a time for inventive pasta dishes, and there’s a time for the classics. And no one does the latter better than Lynora’s. The pasticcio Bolognese is a riff on lasagna made with thin crepes instead of the traditional pasta. The key ingredient, though, is a velvety béchamel that elevates the entire entree to epicurean stardom. It’s the best thing on the menu by far—and that’s saying something.

Risotto ai Frutta Di Mare, Renato’s

Mark Spivak, Wine & Spirits Editor | Whether you sit in Renato’s intimate dining room or on the romantic terrace, the Risotto ai Frutta Di Mare will transport you back to Northern Italy. Shrimp, scallops, littleneck clams, and calamari are simmered slowly in Arborio rice with fresh tomato. The dish is available either as a shared starter or a substantial entree for one.

Bucatini Carbonara, Grato

Dallas Holland, Web & Social Media Editor | This highly Instagramable, protein-packed pasta plate has mastered the art of comfort food. Break the yolk to create a creamy, perfectly salty sauce enhanced with English peas, ham, and bacon. What’s not to love? West Palm Beach

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