Your Pasta Horoscope

Ordering a dish in a restaurant can be a coincidence of mood, but preparing something at home is closer to a culinary Rorschach Test. What does your pasta say about you? Here are some theories about what your favorite noodles reveal.


Fettuccine Alfredo

While some dismiss you as a boring plodder, you’re actually cool and methodical, with the patience to see a project through to the end—the tortoise that usually beats the hare.


Spaghetti Puttanesca

Edgy and creative, you tend to take calculated risks and can be the life of the party (especially after several glasses of Chianti).



You’re obviously patient or else you wouldn’t stand at a stove for 25 minutes lovingly stirring a pan full of Arborio rice. Your soul is classical and stylish, making you capable of elegant, artistic projects.


Linguine with Clams

Don’t listen to cynics who criticize you for watching too many reruns of The Sopranos; you have a healthy respect for tradition and a reverence for family. You favor designs with clean, crisp lines and no wasted space.


Stuffed Shells

You may be spending too much time at Disney or the local water park. Push your boundaries, spread your wings and head for the casino.

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