4 Ways to Reinvent your Workout

Amp up your fitness routine with unique classes that remedy workout boredom

1. DripFit

Founded by Boca Raton local Tyler Anderson, DripFit isn’t a run-of-the-mill high-intensity fitness class. What sets this group workout apart is that it balances strength training with sprints on the Shredmill, a free-run treadmill positioned at a permanent 15 percent incline previously only available to professional athletes. “The incline forces correct form, so it’s actually great for people with injuries,” says Anderson. Though it may seem intimidating, DripFit is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and a limit of 16 participants allows for one-on-one attention to form and detail. Classes throughout the week zero in on different muscle groups while the Saturday session works the entire body. And, as the name suggests, you will be dripping sweat by the end.

2. Goat Yoga

It’s difficult to refrain from laughing when a baby goat jumps on your back during child’s pose. At Downward Goat, yogis are playfully reminded that their practice doesn’t always need to be taken so seriously as they interact with the Loxahatchee farm’s 14 goats in an outdoor class. Led by instructor Kim Depasquale, owner of Breathe Salt & Yoga in Jupiter, the sessions appeal to both beginner and advanced practitioners and pop up four to five times a month at various locations in South Florida. “The goats are fun, smart, and have their own personalities,” says owner Korinne Johnson. “They make everybody happy.”

3. High Intensity Pilates

For those already familiar with Pilates’ ability to build long, lean muscles, Club Pilates offers two classes that add heart-pumping moves to the mix for greater results and calorie burn. The first, CP F.I.T., transforms a traditional Pilates session into a fast-paced, boot camp–style workout by combining Pilates and high-intensity strength-training interval exercises. Meanwhile, CP Cardio Sculpt incorporates a jump board to the Reformer for a low-impact way to raise heart rates. “It’s similar to jumping on a trampoline but you’re on your back,” explains Amanda Gomez, owner of Club Pilates Abacoa and the new West Palm Beach location. “Pilates is a great way to increase your mind-body awareness, prevent injury, and correct posture.”

4. Gluteus Maxout

As the cultural obsession with a toned backside shows no sign of waning, Life Time in Boca Raton launched a class that takes leg day to the next level: Gluteus Maxout. The workout begins with a warm-up to hip-hop and rap hits, followed by progressively challenging sets of lower-leg exercises with dumbbells and resistance bands, plus more innovative plyometric moves meant to “max out” lower-body muscle groups. “The class flies by,” says instructor Danielle Chiles. “You’re scorching a lot more calories by introducing resistance and strength training, and increasing mobility by getting into those little muscles.”

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