Former Navy SEAL Shares Toning Tip

TRX (Total-body Resistance Exercise) is hitting its stride more than 20 years after U.S. Navy Seal RandyHetrick fashioned the system of straps and handles using a jujitsu belt and a parachute harness. The device that leverages gravity to facilitate numerous exercises now hangs in gyms across the country and in the homes of pro athletes and supermodels, who often post their favorite upside-down moves on social media. Despite perceived difficulty, the workouts are suitable for all levels because altering the body’s angle can modify the challenge of a squat, plank, or pull-up. “You isolate the muscle, but activate the whole body,” explains Jenny Little, a level-three certified TRX trainer at Fitness Hub Studios. “It’s all core all the time. And pairing two muscle groups together makes for even greater metabolic burn.” While TRX can be done almost anywhere, individualized instruction ensures proper form and safety. Fitness Hub Studios offers two classes, both limited to six students: TRX Fit focuses on cardio and TRX Strong on muscle endurance. West Palm Beach (561-408-0885)

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